How To Identify Phone Model

Why I need to identify my phone model?

There are lots of variant in phone market due to country and their cellular carriers. Brands like Samsung will release different variants under one phone series. For example, Galaxy S4 will have over 10 variants in the global market, i9500, i9505, i337, M919, I545... All will be called S4 for short. They looks similar but their spare parts or accessories may not fit each other. To avoid wrong purchase and hassle, customers are highly recommended to identify their phone model before any purchase

How to Identify accurate phone model?

There are bundle of ways for that. Below are some of our tips. :)

  • About Phone/Device under Settings menu (Recommended for Android)


    • Model number on the back cover (Recommended for iPhone) e.g Model A1522, A1524 ... 
    • Check the packaging box of your phone. (For Android or iPhone)
    • Check model by sticker inside the battery compartment (For Android with non-built in battery)



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